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With all the momentum on the side of the workers, and with his poll numbers swiftly dropping, Kasich has decided it’s time to compromise. “It’s really hypocritical of the guy,” Ohio State Representative Mike Foley, D-Cleveland, told me, “He’s the one who said ‘If you’re not on the bus, we’ll run over you with the bus,’ and now he says ‘I believe in talking.’ Well, he doesn’t believe in talking at all, he believes in my way or the highway.”

Now that it looks like labor and progressive groups might be in charge of the bus, Kasich sent a letter to We Are Ohio Wednesday and held a press conference, calling for union leaders and others opposed to the bill to meet him Friday to discuss compromise. The group formally rejected any deal with the governor, refusing to meet with him until the bill has been repealed. August 30 would be the last day that such a move, which would require calling the legislature back into session, would be possible before the deadline to pull the issue from the ballot.

Major Backlash at Right-Wing Ohio Governor Has Him Scrambling for ‘Compromise’ With Progressives | | AlterNet

The ongoing backlash to conservative anti-worker policies continues; Ohio is the next big battle. 

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